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The Moolands drainage team provide minor drainage repairs through to High Pressure Water jetting of sewers through to pipe/ resin lining and excavation works. Moolands is an approved contractor for various local authorities, housing associations, hotels, food processing companies, manufacturers, property managers, health authorities, schools and colleges.
Blocked drains or blocked pipes can be caused by anything from structural problems like subsidence and tree root damage to a build-up of fats, oils and grease; for a restaurant the latter is more usual and at Moolands, we recognise that this has to be addressed immediately to minimise service disruption and damage to a restaurant’s reputation.
Our services include:

  • Leaks (all plumbing works)
  • Shower and bathroom installation
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Mechanical clearances
  • Full CCTV surveys and reports
  • Excavation works
  • Pipe/ Resin lining (UV & Conventional)
  • All CIUS drainage repairs
  • Cesspit & interceptor cleansing
  • Drain Installation

To enquire about our services call us on 01474 816300 or email us at info@moolands.com